Where Fashion & Modesty Meet

We've removed the middleman so that we can pass on the highest quality products at the most affordable prices ... directly to you! We take pride in designing and manufacturing our products in-house at our facility here in the USA. 

Made by women for women.



  • “So glad you are back with the originals!!!”

    - Merran G.

  • “I am a 38DDD. I use the Camis as the perfect under bra garment to wick sweat away and keep me dry. I tried LOTS of other ways and nothing works as well as your Camis do for helping to hold up large breasted women.”

    - Sandra J.

  • “Looking forward to my new ModBod tops; I'd been hanging some on the line recently and wondered what I'd do when they 'gave up the ghost!' Now I do not have to wonder, I have ModBod back with cotton!”

    - Anonymous.

  • “So excited to hear your original modbod is back! Loved the fitted shirts - looks like they're 'coming soon' and I'll be buying then! Esp your cap sleeve!”

    - Anne G.

  • “I'm just so glad you are back. I love the basics and NEED them. Thank you!!”

    - Jill C.

  • “Yeah!!! I am glad you are changing back to the Mod Bod way! Please do a fun variety of colors. I had changed to buying from DownEast basics when you switched selling models. Glad to have you back.”

    - Stephanie.

  • “I COULD JUST CRY!!! I have missed the perfect tank so much! It has been my favorite for YEARS and I didn’t know what I was going to do without it. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!”

    - Karen O.

  • “I first bought ModBod at Costco a long, long time ago. It was in a two-pack, black and white basic camis, and it was perfection. I love the variety of colors, affordability, and versatility that the basic cami came in. I also adore the 3/4 sleeve, and v-neck tees. These are staples in my closet now, and I'm looking forward to your reinvigorated store. I hope that the availability of colors and products remains.”

    - Diane B.

  • “I love Modbod 3/4 length top and own several in black, however, it would be awesome to have some other colors, ie. mocha, navy, forest green. So glad you are American made. Sick to death of seeing Made in China everywhere.”

    - Valerie B.

  • “Please bring a long sleeve v neck into your offerings. I am glad you are bringing the original line back.”

    - Pam

  • “Hi ! I'm glad to hear modbod is back. I purchased a camisole years ago from Costco of yours and it is truly my absolute favorite!”

    - Judy

  • “Thank goodness the originals are coming back. I WONDERED what happened. Will you ever be back in Costco? I loved getting ModBod at Costco. I have several "old" ModBod shirts and cannot wait to get updated, clean sparkly shirts!”

    - Tonya

  • “Hello I am happy you are going back to basics! I need to make sure I am back on the mailing list :)”

    - Lisa

  • “Thank you for bringing back the basic tank!!!! I cannot wait for them to be available online. I'm so happy!!!”

    - Elizabeth

  • “I am very glad to see you are back for online ordering! I wish you would be in Costco stores again, that is where my friend and I first discovered your products and we do love them!”

    - Lesley P.