5 Ways to Love Yourself More

Amanda Loveland

Posted on August 19 2014

Let’s face it. Most women are too busy being a wife, mother, career woman, and friend to have time for themselves. We often get stuck in roles we feel are our obligation, and forget that our first and most important role is to take care of ourselves (so we can be all the things we are meant to be). If you’ve been putting yourself on the back burner, here are 5 tips to help step-up your self-care routine: 1. Listen to and validate how you feel. So often women are told we’re too emotional. Like most negative messages, we feel we are either too much or not enough. We avoid how we

feel so as not to be put in the “over emotional” category, but all that results is an unhealthy emotional life (and typically out-of-the-blue bursts of emotions). Knowing and understanding what we feel is crucial to our emotional and physical well-being. We don’t have to act upon everything we feel, but it’s important to understand it. Make it a habit to ask yourself everyday “How do I feel? What do I need?” Our well-being is nobody’s job but our own. Take care of your emotions. 2. Allow yourself to luxuriate. Luxuriating is an art. Unfortunately, most women today have forgotten how to do it. Preoccupied with work, family, and other responsibilities, we become experts at busyness and lose touch with the subtle art of relaxing and decompressing. Pour yourself a hot bubble bath, drink a glass of Prosecco, and allow yourself some much-needed “me” time. Your spirit will thank you for it. 3. Move your body. Everyone knows exercise is important. There is always a new and improved diet and exercise plan on the market and we constantly feel we’re not doing enough. When it comes to health, we need not over complicate things – we simply need to remember to move. Most of us get bogged down with the new and improved types of exercises – one day we’re running for an hourl, the next we are told lifting weights is vital. Amid all the confusion, we often get too overwhelmed and forgot to simply find an activity we enjoy and do it daily. Whether its tennis, having a private dance party, yoga, or something intense like Cross fit, the important thing to remember is to do what you enjoy and it will come easy. You don’t have to kill yourself to be healthy – just move. 4. Find a spiritual practice that works for you When it comes to spiritual practice, it’s not about “right and wrong” or Truth vs. Untruth. The important thing to know about our soul’s journey is that we are meant to grow and expand. So often we get stuck in the religious patterns we were raised with and don’t allow ourselves to grow beyond our upbringing. Spirituality is meant to be a unique and individual journey into the Source of Life and Love within us. The Universe is vast and unmeasurable and the journey within is the most important one we will ever take. With the access we have to so many different types of philosophies and techniques, don’t settle for a practice that stunts your spiritual growth or doesn’t stand-up to common sense. If you force yourself to stay in a belief system that doesn’t truly resonate with your spirit, you impede your spiritual growth and deny your spirit its daily bread. Be courageous enough to explore and seek outside of your comfort zone. Don’t allow your culture or even your parents to decide what’s right for your soul. Ask yourself if your current practice is helping you grow. If not, find something that does. 5. Pursue your passions. It is important to discover what your heart loves and DO IT. This doesn’t mean we have to make a career or a commodity of our talents – it simply means it is important to allow ourselves to do what we love. Maybe it’s painting or writing or making crafts. Do what makes you happy. As Howard Thurman famously said: “Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”   Happy Tuesday!   Written by Amanda Flaker

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