3 Ways to Feel More Empowered

Amanda Loveland

Posted on September 23 2014

Self-empowerment is one of the most crucial skills for humans to learn. As long as we give our energy away to people, religion, government, and fear, we miss out on the opportunity to experience real freedom and the power that comes from making conscious decisions for ourselves in our lives. Do you feel like you are controlled by emotions, needs, obligations? Does life feel like a chore rather than a choice? Here are 3 ways to feel more empowered: *Understand how you feel: One of the top reasons people feel out of control is because of their emotions.

We don’t know why we feel what we feel or why we do what we do; we feel like slaves to our emotions. One of the first ways to start regaining our sense of personal power is through owning how we feel. Once we can accept how we feel, and understand it, we can make choices for ourselves not based on unexpressed or suppressed emotions, but on conscious awareness. *Set intentions: Intentions are powerful. They help direct the subtle energies of our day. Intentions are not about accomplishing a specific task but about being conscious of the energy we want to use each day and where we want to direct our focus. Think about the intention you have for every activity in your life. When you eat – what intentions do you have for the food in your body? When you wake up – what intentions do you have for the day? When you go on vacation – what do you want the vacation to feel like – what do you want to get out of it? Setting intentions works best if you think about how you want things to FEEL and focus your energy on creating the emotions you want to evoke. When we set intentions with each decision we make, we begin to regain a sense of power in our choices and understand that we have a say in every moment of our day of how we want to feel. *Practice good energetic hygiene: Unhealthy dynamics in relationships can be one of the most draining and controlling aspects of our lives. It is often in relationships that we feel the most powerless. That is why good energetic hygiene is crucial to feeling empowered. The key to having healthy dynamics in relationships is to take responsibility for our reactions and triggers. If certain relationships in your life cause you to think thoughts that make you feel disempowered, ask yourself where you are agreeing to that disempowerment. No one can take your power away unless you allow them to. Good energetic hygiene is about taking full responsibility for everything in our lives – including our relationships. You may need to make some adjustments, but the most important thing is to own how you feel and take responsibility for everything that is happening to you. Nothing is more empowering than taking full accountability for our own lives. The minute we stop blaming other for how we feel and what we do, is the moment we take back our power.

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