Decoding the Messages of the Universe

Amanda Loveland

Posted on October 12 2014

Have you ever turned on the radio and song that speaks directly to your current circumstances just happens to be playing? Do consecutive numbers seem to follow you everywhere you go? Do you ever flip on the TV just in time to hear an inspirational message?

Have you ever considered this all might be the way the Universe communicates with you? Yes! You’re important enough for the Universe to talk to. In fact, you’re so important that Source will move heaven and earth (literally) to get your attention. Think about it. Spirit is everywhere. Its essence is non-physical but uses the physical world around us to speak. In reality, when Spirit speaks, life is created and propelled forward. Spirit communicates to us moment-by-moment through synchronicity, music, numbers, signs, and our own intuition. Often when we don’t pay attention, the messages will get louder – we might get sick (our bodies telling us to slow down because we’ve somehow misses all the 100 ways prior to the illness it tried to tell us the same thing). We may get into a car accident, or have a close call with death. Have you ever considered the possibility that something or someone is trying to get you to look deeper? You are not alone, and you never have been. Support is with you at all times, asking you to look within and pay attention to the life you have manifested around you. Listen to the message of the skies and trees – the message of numbers and colors. Listen to what your children say. If you stopped for a moment – just a moment – and listened closely, really looked at the subtle nudges and , what would you hear? Challenge yourself today to listen. Look at what everything and everyone around is saying and listen inside for what the message is. Don’t wait for the message to hit you over the head. Spirit only takes drastic measures when you’re not paying attention. Learn to listen to the signs. Tune into your intuitive nudges. Pay attention to the messages and watch for synchronicity. If something is coming to you over and over, that is a sure-fire way to know Spirit is trying to get your attention. And you don't have to listen. But remember, when Spirit speaks, it's for your highest good. When you don't listen, the lessons get harder and more painful. You’ll soon understand everything around you contains a sacred letter from the Universe. Everywhere you look is an invitation from the Universe to see further into the mystery of what we’re co-creating with the Source of Life itself. If you observe the web of messages daily weaving around your world, you may just discover how enchanting life really is. And you’ll never feel alone. Pure magic.   Written by Amanda Flaker

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